The Remains of the Day

The title is a Homage to Kazuo Ishiguro; awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2017. A very nice surprise when you consider the 2016 recipient. Seriously, I thought Joan Baez might take it this year.

Ok, that’s my Art & Lit contribution for the day now, back to the dogs with thee and me!

Shown in the picture is the product of a whole chicken, several turkeys feet, three tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and the two fresh soup bones (shown) after simmering for twenty-four hours. The end result, a week’s worth of bone broth for the LB (lovely bride), the dogs and myself. While it might be a stretch, the two soft and chalky beef bones being the only leftovers after 24 hours on the stove is where I came up with the title.

The dogs love it added to their food and it provides some substantial health benefits.

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