Total Recall (Rookie update)

I’m in love with these two; they impress me even more than I thought they could. The recall on this video is not all that spectacular and just one of dozens of recalls I consider part of the “Teaching” phase. The “Training” will start soon. This will include collar and longline with an introduction to wearing their Garmin (tracking and electric) collars. After that is finished I will go about “Testing” the training by adding distractions.

What impresses me about these two is the fact that they have grown up together; have not spent a lot of time apart and, have developed none of the bad habits that this kind of rearing has the potential to create. After the recall, you can see that they both leave and in opposite directions. We continued the walk another half mile (to the house) and the only time they hooked up and started playing their favorite game, “you chase me, then I will chase you, then we fight!”, was the last one hundred yards when the environment and all the stimulus was beyond familiar to them. They show a maturity that I rarely see in young dogs today and a constancy or devotion to their hunting that pleases me. I wouldn’t fault them if they were not at this point in their training right now, I’m just simply feeling blessed that they are progressing like they are. They are independent, but not to a fault. They have many moments of unbridled playing and knocking each other about; I’d be worried if they didn’t at this age. Hunting always appears to be at a simmer, effective and with endurance and, they are even showing signs of an “off switch” in the home.

Holding steady at a B plus!

As with all training, the pups ability to advance is in direct proportion to their trainer’s devotion to clear instruction and ample opportunity in the yard and the woods to make application. C minus would be an honest self-evaluation right now. Let’s see what November will bring.

The link appears to work. I have no idea why it will not appear as a window on the blog. A quick prayer to a superior intellect, a higher power might be required to fix this issue. Let us pray!

“Dear Soo…………….HELP!……….amen”

P.S.: It appears that Soo really IS the answer to my prayers!! Let There Be Video!


  1. Yep, puppies coming in and then going off in different directions – a great sign. When you get a chance, I’d love to get an update on what you have going on with these two. Apologize for coming in late and clueless. Enjoying your posts!

    1. Forgiveness is nigh!! But, absolution and confidence in the full remission of your sins (during this celebration of Martin Luther and the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation) can only be achieved through the purchase of a good ole boy indulgence. AKA, a flyfishing lesson.
      Thank you for having a look. I will post more concerning my intentions very soon.

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